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We are extremely knowledgeable about buying and selling furniture and have been a major contender in the furniture consignment store business, but we need your help to rate our consignment shop on the platforms below. 

Your feedback helps our store grow and improve its services, expand our products base, and will help make Greenville, NC a great city to buy furniture.  Your ratings will help future customers compare our store to other furniture stores or consignment shops in the area.   The following types of feedback are helpful to us and our customers:

  • Hearing about a unique furniture piece we sold you and how it fits into your home or work
  • Describing a rare antique and why it’s the talk of your space
  • How our services helped you purchase the furniture, antique, or accessory you wanted
  • Sharing photos of your before and after room transformations, or describing how it changed your environment  
  • How your furniture purchase affect your family, friends, or coworkers attitude toward furniture

We hope your review will help us, our other customers, and the Greenville, NC community.  Help us to make the Greenville, NC community the city in Eastern NC for great furniture,  exceptional pricing, with marvelous furniture finds!  Again, rate us below.

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